Melisa and Michael: Sedona Engagement Photography

Melisa and Michael: Sedona Engagement Photography


Sedona Engagement Photography: Melisa and Michael. Melisa and Michael were on vacation from Philadelphia. They decided it was the perfect time for an engagement session. It was a blast! It was Melisa’s first time in Sedona, so I really enjoyed sharing some of my favorite location with her. They told me about their love story while the sun set over the red rocks.


Being able to blend the grandeur landscapes with the intimate relationships of my clients is one of my favorite things about what I do. Without a doubt, I think have the best job in the world and am continually thankful to the amazing clients who explore with me!


About My Work: Creativity


I believe there to be extreme value in being on the receiving end of an artist’s vision. We are all unique and have something different to bring to the table, and a professional’s job is to bring their vision and artistry to the portrait session. It is important for me to collaborate with each of my clients, especially if they have their own vision for their portraits or artwork, but ultimately it is up to me to bring my vision and artistry to reality for each of my subjects.


Part of hiring a professional is about taking advantage of how they “see.” I have spent more than 10 years as a professional and even longer training my eyes to “see.” Seeing in still frames is very different than seeing in motion or looking around the room with clear vision. True professionals have trained their artistic eye to see and capture images creatively — to frame images with thoughtful and intentional consideration of composition, line, color, design, lighting, etc. They know when to press the shutter and choose that moment resulting in something very special that beautifully represents you and your loved ones.


About The Location: Red Rock Country


The picturesque Butte towers over Bell Rock, sloping upward into sheer walls and rocky crevices where desert gardens cling, its colors and contours ever changing as you progress around the Loop. Gambel’s quail skitter beneath the junipers. And explode in a clamor of flight that can be quite startling to the unprepared.


The Loop is especially beautiful during spring with a bountiful eruption of regional wildflowers and desert plant blossoms – one of the many reasons Courthouse Butte is so frequently featured in photographs of the area.



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Words can not express how thankful and happy we are that we chose Monica to capture our perfect day. She made us feel both comfortable and confident in the whole process. She has this ease that makes you feel you’ve known her for years. Her kindness, personality, and professionalism was beyond what we could have hoped for. Her communication and organization was so impressive as well (I am far from organized)! Our photos are AMAZING, they are perfect. We wish we could do it all over again, and again. Seriously, book her right now! Best choice we could have made, and she helped make our day so wonderfully memorable and way less stressful.
Nora A.