How to Select Your Northern Arizona Wedding Venue

How to Select Your Northern Arizona Wedding Venue

How to Select Your Northern Arizona Wedding Venue: The venue for your wedding is a choice that will impact many other decisions as you are planning your wedding. Your venue will be the setting for all of your photos, so choosing a place that you think is beautiful is a great start, but there are many more factors to consider when choosing your location.


Northern Arizona Wedding Venue Selection - Saaty Photography


Consider Price

There is no shortage of things your wedding budget will need to cover. Choosing whether to splurge or save on your venue will be a great place to start when deciding how you want to spend your budget. Deciding this will also begin to narrow down venue options.



As you’re creating your wedding guest list, think about what that means for your venue choice. Keep in mind that meeting the capacity limit for your venue is not always a good idea. It is better to keep your guest count enough below the limit that there’s enough room in the venue for people to move about comfortably.


Northern Arizona Wedding Venue Selection - Saaty Photography


Save the Date

Sometimes couples want the date of their wedding to align with numbers that are special to them. This is very special, but it can also be quite tricky! If you want to get married on a particular day, it is best to reserve your venue far in advance. Otherwise, day you have in mind for your wedding might not align with what a venue has available.



Think about the season, time of day, and potential weather that could occur when you’re choosing if you want to have your wedding inside or outside, or if you want a venue that can provide both.


Northern Arizona Wedding Venue Selection - Saaty Photography


Northern Arizona Wedding Venue: Ceremony

Do you want your venue to serve as both your ceremony site and your reception? If not, consider distance between the two venues, and plan for transportation if necessary.



Some venues provide food services on site, which can be quite convenient! If the venue doesn’t have food services available, you will need to choose a caterer. As you’re looking at venues, think about where and how you will want your caterer to set up the food.



If you have many guests coming from out of town or if you’re having a destination wedding and you yourself are from elsewhere, it is a great idea to look at venues with lodging for guests on site.


Northern Arizona Wedding Venue Selection - Saaty Photography


Northern Arizona Wedding Venue: Dreams do come true!

Don’t forget to also think about a location that represents you and your spouse’s love!

Choosing a venue for your wedding based solely on logistics might leave out your dream location. Although it is important to consider these technicalities, above all, your venue should be a place you are excited to get married. If you have a venue in mind that you’ve always wanted to have your wedding at, you might just need to adjust your plans accordingly or make some sacrifices in other areas. Wedding planning is all a balance!


PS, Here’s One Last Quick Tip: If your wedding is a destination wedding or in a town you’ve never been, do some research. Look up local photographers and wedding planners in the area to help you decide on a venue!


Northern Arizona Wedding Venue Selection - Saaty Photography



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