Hannah and Ruben: Flagstaff Wedding Photography Violas Flower Garden

Hannah and Ruben: Flagstaff Wedding Photography Violas Flower Garden


Flagstaff Wedding Photography Violas Flower Garden: Hannah and Ruben’s Fairytale Flower Garden Wedding. Every single piece of their wedding was a dream! I truly had the most amazing time working with this couple and being able to join in the excitement on their big day. Rather than hearing all about the day through a photographer’s perspective, I’d much rather share Hannah and Ruben’s love story with you all…


Hannah and Ruben’s Love Story: 


“A young sister wanting to discover the beauty of “flight” for the first time, a willing dad, perhaps a not so willing older sister, and an airplane with a pilot who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Although through a series of circumstance, this brief meeting would spark the journey for two individuals and eventually the joining of two families for life.


Hannah and Ruben met at the Flagstaff airport on a warm summer afternoon on the 25th of May, 2013. Libbie, Hannah’s younger sister, was eager to see what aviation was all about and through a father and mother who worked at the hospital had arranged a discovery flight with a midshipman visiting home after his first year at the Naval Academy. For moral support, whether desired or not, Hannah came with her younger sister and father to take part in the discovery flight. It would be the first time Hannah and Ruben would meet. A pair that had lived only minutes from each other but had never met until now. The two played it cool and the sunset flight around Flagstaff, Sedona, Meteor crater, and the surrounding beautiful northern Arizona wilderness would set the wheels in motion for two to go on amazing adventures and ultimately decide to be lifelong partners.


Unfortunately, with Ruben at the Naval Academy and though they had lived so close unknowingly, nearly 2,000 miles now separated the two. They started to get to know each other through Facebook messaging, Tango (a FaceTime app before Apple caught on and revamped FaceTime), and letters. They grew to become great friends and supported each other from a distance until they could finally go on their “real” first date in December of 2013. It was a long 7 months but eventually he came home and they had their first real date.


For nearly six years Hannah and Ruben have been long distant. Although they have defied incredible odds, they did so with the help of so many along the way. Being in a military relationship is anything but easy, especially when Hannah is finishing nursing school in Utah while Ruben finishes flight school in Texas. However, they have continued to find ways to travel and spend time together and their families have continued to support their love and happiness. They have made friends across the country as Ruben moves around with the Navy, many of whom will not have seen each other in years until their special day.


The trials and hardship are far from over, but the love and commitment Hannah and Ruben have is stronger than ever and ready to move into marriage.”



Flagstaff Wedding Photography Violas Flower Garden: The Location…


The Gardens is a great location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Located just a 1/2 mile south of the county fairgrounds, our property is conveniently close to town but gives the feel of being in the country.  The venue overlooks a nursery that specializes in flowers. These seasonal flowers will surround the outside patio and be available for use inside. Take the gamble out of picking your date. Due to the unpredictable nature of Flagstaff’s weather you will love booking with us.  You will have access to both the outside and inside of our property with your rental. With air conditioning and heat in the facility to keep your guests comfortable anytime of the year.



Special thanks to the amazing vendors…


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