What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot: Saaty Photography

Saaty Photography: What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot

What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot: Saaty Photography. An engagement photoshoot makes for the perfect way to announce your exciting news to friends and family! Not only that, but it is also a chance to meet your photographer, get to know some of the posing techniques, and become comfortable with their style before your wedding day. That way, when the big day comes, you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Knowing exactly what to expect from your photographer can take off a lot of pressure, and who doesn’t want that on their wedding day?


One of the most common questions that arises regarding the engagement shoot is what to wear? With that question unravel so many other questions. Should we coordinate? What colors should we wear? Do we dress formal? Casual? The answer to most of these questions, is essentially it is up to you! However, there are some tips and tricks that can steer you in the right direction to make sure you feel confident and excited about your outfits.


What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot: Saaty Photography



Looking at what other couples have worn to their shoots is one of the most helpful ways to gather inspiration and get more direction when approaching your closet. Looking on Pinterest and other blog posts is one of the best ways to find a lot of examples in one convenient place. Find a few engagement sessions that stand out to you, and take note of the colors, textures, materials, and fit of their clothes. You don’t need to go out shopping for the same clothes they have, but go to your own closet and see if there are ways to achieve that kind of combination you’re drawn to with what you already have. If nothing jumps out at you, by all means, shopping for an engagement outfit can be fun and exciting too!


What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot: Saaty Photography


Color Coordinate

Sometimes, matching outfits is a lot more simple than it seems! In order to look like you match without wearing exactly the same thing, try to coordinate colors. For example, if your partner is wearing tan pants, maybe a choose an article of clothing with accents in the same color. This way, something in your outfit ties in with theirs! Often, sticking to mainly solid color clothes and steering clear of distractions like logos or graphics is a great way to go. Patterns can be super fun to incorporate into your outfits, but it is important to keep the patterns minimal. After all, the focus in the photos should be you and your partner!


What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot: Saaty Photography


Why Blend in When You Were Meant to Stand Out?

If you know you’ll be photographed in front of the red rocks of Sedona, it is a great idea to wear something that matches that color palate naturally occurring behind you, while not exactly matching in orange shirts and orange pants. Finding the happy medium of standing out while also seeming cohesive just will make your photos look that much more put together!


What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot: Saaty Photography



Props can be a great way to accent your outfits and also give you something to interact with. A bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, for example can be a fun way to celebrate and make your shoot special and unique! Feelin’ crafty? Make something to fit your shoot, like a chalkboard that says “I Do” written in lovely cursive! Props can even involve the weather or the seasons. If it’s raining, snuggling under an umbrella it the perfect way to stay dry and get close to your partner. If it is a fall engagement shoot, the beautiful autumn leaves are the perfect prop! Toss them in the air for a romantic, fun photo that will make you smile every time you look at it. Props are a fantastic way to get creative and make your photos that much more unique.


What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot: Saaty Photography


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