Senior Photography Session Checklist

Senior Photography Session Checklist:
What to Bring to Your Session

Senior Photography Session Checklist: A Guide to ROCKING Your Session! The time has come, before you knew it four years has gone by in the blink of an eye and it is time to prepare for graduation and transitioning into your next phase of life. This is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated! Years down the road this time in life will be but a memory and getting your pictures taken is a great way to be able to look back on this time and reminisce on all of those sleepless nights, countless tests, and incredible memories that makes this part of your life so special.


However, trying to make sure your pictures are well, picture perfect, can seem like a daunting task from narrowing down your wardrobe, to what props to bring, and everything in between. That is why I wanted to make you this checklist to try and ease some of that stress and make your session as fun as possible; we are after all here to celebrate you and all of your accomplishments!


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The Step-by-Step Guide

The first thing you’re probably thinking about is what the heck you are going to wear. This doesn’t have to be a one outfit fits all kind of solution though, in fact I actually encourage you to bring a couple of outfits to your session! Having options is great because you not only get to show off more of your personal style but you can pair outfits with what looks best with what location and if the weather changes and an outfit suddenly doesn’t work or you somehow manage to get mud all over yourself the day won’t be ruined because there is another outfit waiting for you right in the back of your car! Yet even choosing those couple of outfits may still seem like an impossible task so here are a few tips:


Step 1

Pick outfits that you feel the most amazing and confident in. If you are insecure about something, like say your arms, maybe skip the strapless dress this time. You don’t want to regret your outfit choices later on because of underlying insecurities so making sure you feel confident and amazing in every outfit is key!


Step 2

Keep them visually simple. Such as solid colors as opposed to busy patterns. You want to be the star of the show, not your clothing, so you want to make sure that no matter what you’re wearing you are still the star.


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Step 3

Avoid shirts with logos, words, or pictures on them. It’s the same idea as above, you want to be the star! You want people to be looking at you in your photographs, not trying to figure out what band logo you are wearing. There are a few exceptions however, like if you are wearing your school shirt or a your band shirt that helps define your school experience.


Step 4

If you have fun accessories or props bring them too! Do you have a fun hat you like to wear? Or a statement necklace that you are known for? This is a time to show off your personal style so you can have much fun and creative freedom as you want!

If you have a hobby, show it off! Do you love to paint? Mountain bike? Think about what kinds of things has made your school experience unique to you and show it off! Maybe you made all of your friends in the rock climbing club so bring your equipment, get geared up, and show off! These pictures are all about you so it’s okay to brag a little bit.


Grace: Senior Portrait Photographer Sedona AZ NAU


Step 5

Something else to consider bringing along is any school memorabilia along with your cap and gown. You are graduating after all and that’s a big deal, even if you don’t think so, your parents do and seeing you all decked out in your regalia is a cool thing even if the gowns aren’t always the most flattering. Your school has played a huge role in your life for the last four years so celebrating that in your pictures can be a good idea.

If you’re graduating from college bringing something to your session that represents your major is a fun way to personalize your images as well. Ideally you picked something to major in that you really enjoy and you just spent four years and a lot of money to earn that degree so finding a way to represent that can be fun! Whether you majored in nursing and bring your stethoscope, English and you bring your impressive stack of books you’ve had to analyze, or anything thing else, your major is a part of you and should be commemorated.


Step 6

You should also pack a little ‘In Case of Emergencies’ bag. This can include anything from a stain remover pen for that Starbucks stain on your favorite shirt — we’ve all been there — to hairspray and bobby pins to help tame your perfectly put together in these Arizona winds. Girls also want to consider bringing makeup and makeup remover for any in field touch ups needed and everyone should bring snacks and water! The last thing you want is to be irritable because you’re hangry or dehydrated. These are supposed to be fun and little things are bound to happen so it’s good to be prepared for anything!


Northern Arizona University


Step 7

Now last but not least, if you have a pet you are more than welcome to bring them! I know how important pets are in a person’s life and how beneficial they can be to get you through four years of school. If you are going to be a pet just be sure to bring not only someone to hold them when they aren’t in the pictures, but also bring snacks and water for them too!

At the end of the day these are your pictures and you can make them whatever you want them to be!


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