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Sedona and Flagstaff Photography Lessons
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Sedona and Flagstaff Photography Lessons: Have you always wanted to learn how to operate your digital camera? Are you interested in off-camera lighting? Do you struggle with creating a workflow for your photography clients while wanting to grow your business? I’m here to help YOU master all the technical, service, and business aspects of photography.

During my prior work experience, I realized that I would make a positive contribution to the educational needs of individuals. I provide a unique perspective from working in different industry jobs and teaching the discipline full-time at Northern Arizona University.

My overall goal is to develop a student-centered educational process, where content is organized around your interests and needs. I aim for you to actively participate in enriching your education, rather than passively learning. Through effective teaching strategies and applicable knowledge, I am able to create customized lesson plans for photographers and entrepreneurs like you.

The relationships in educational settings is crucial for me. I strive to maintain relationships with current and past learners to provide career guidance and support. I serve as a guide to direct you through your learning experience – helping you understand the connection between the curriculum its’ real-world application. My approach to education is to create an open environment where you continually receive feedback.

So let’s take your photographic journey together with Sedona and Flagstaff photography lessons! Whether you’re interested in simply taking better photographs of your kids, or you are working toward creating your own photography business – I can help you accomplish these dreams!

Private Lessons

Private classes are available on a per hour basis of $60 per hour. We can meet on-location or in-house for the best hands on experience. Contact me using the form here and we will schedule your private lesson.

Topics Include:

  • Intro to DSLR Basics: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance
  • Intro to off-camera lighting
  • Lightroom Introduction
  • Photoshop Introduction
  • Portrait Photography: Posing Practices + Finding Clients
  • Food and Restaurant Photography: Lighting, Composition, Styling
  • Wedding and Events: Lighting, Processing, Workflow + Finding Clients
  • Business of Photography: Streamlining Your Workflow, Providing an Experience