Gabby and Spencer: Oak Creek Sedona Portrait Photographer

Gabby and Spencer: Oak Creek Sedona Portrait Photographer


Oak Creek Sedona Portrait Photographer: Gabby and Spencer’s Adventure Session.


I love being able to blend the grandeur landscapes with the intimate relationships of my clients. I believe I have the best job in the world and am continually thankful to the amazing clients who explore with me!


Gabby and Spencer’s Love Story…

“Spencer and I officially met in eighth grade when I was still a fleshly transplanted Cali girl. Although being from a small town like Sedona, the connections are always more than they seem. The first time visiting Sedona, my mother met an artist that would eventually become my step father. Being only a toddler at the time, I was able to call Sedona my second home for summer and winter breaks where I connected with family and friends. Little did I know, a young boy with similar ambitions was living an adventurous childhood among these very same rocks. My step father was good friends with his mother and watched him grow parallel to me. After ten years of vacationing, the luscious red rocks finally motivated my mother to move us a whole state over to be with my step father and begin building a home.


How They Met


Spencer was there from the beginning. At first simply a classmate, one who’s sensitive personality didn’t always enjoy being around my boisterous one. While I kept my eye on the brooding artist, I never knew how he actually felt about me. Until the day, I fell in love. Before we even started dating, one of the last days of the eighth-grade school year, Spencer and I sat outside the school waiting patiently for our parents. I was having a hard time adjusting overall to the new life of living in the desert.


I never really opened up to the new friends I had made about these feelings because I doubted they would understand feeling out of place in their hometown. I’m not sure why I opened up to him, but he was just the person I needed to talk to. I remember he gave me honest advice on how to comfort my anxieties and lessen my self pity. Whether or not he felt the same spark, I knew that he cared enough to attempt to help and share his own experiences. It was that realness that made me know he wasn’t like the others.

High School Sweethearts


Spencer and I started officially dating freshman year of high school, after a simple Valentine’s that was followed up five days later with a text message humbly asking, “So are we dating?” Again, his realness emerged. I liked the no nonsense approach he took. While living in Sedona, Spencer showed me the true human he is. We went on endless adventures exploring childhood spots that are incomparable to most. He showed me the best side of Sedona: the creative, progressive, passionate parts of the town that I now call home. Spencer shared his hometown in a way that allowed me to heal by letting go of the past and embrace the memories that were being made. Sedona brought us together but it is only the beginning…


After high school, we both decided to move to Flagstaff and pursue marketing majors at NAU. I have watched us and our relationship grow more than ever while living in this ever-green mountain town. Sitting through a majority of our classes together and living together helped us both earn greater respect for each other. We have sat by one another through struggles and successes and in the end there is no other person I would have rather done it all with. Coming out on the other end of our bachelors degrees, I’m beyond proud to stand by Spencer’s side. He empowers me daily to be a better person and to always aspire for more.”



About The Location: Oak Creek Canyon


Oak Creek Canyon, just outside Sedona, Arizona, is a spectacular and diverse riparian area and the state’s second most popular canyon. Towering vermilion and cream walls rise out of a lush green canopy, creating an other-worldly beauty, with vistas in every direction.


Driving along, you get the impression that nature parted the canyon walls just for the view. But in truth it was the relentless effect of water on a sandstone fault that created the meandering floor of the canyon. It continues to provide sustenance to wildlife, trees, bushes, shrubs and wildflowers.


In Oak Creek Canyon it is possible to completely immerse yourself in nature. Imagine waking up to the sounds of the babbling creek or perhaps to the sight of a great blue heron. Linger in a romantic cottage by the fireplace or spend the day hiking the soaring sandstone cliffs or the undulating trails by the banks of the creek, fishing for trout, picnicking, bird watching, or cooling off in the pristine spring-fed waters of Oak Creek.



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