Karisa and Nick: The Nordic Center Flagstaff Wedding

Karisa and Nick: The Nordic Center Flagstaff Wedding

The Nordic Center Flagstaff Wedding: Karisa and Nick. Wedding photographers play a very close and intimate role during your wedding. They are with you throughout the whole day, from makeup and getting ready until when you are beyond tired from dancing and laughing for hours at the end of the night. They are constantly communicating with you; if you have any special requests, any special family members they should be looking for, if you need a glass of water. They will be some of your closest friends that day, looking after you.


In regards to the value of photography, much more doesn’t need to be said. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” These are YOUR moments frozen in time. They are memories that will last forever. These are the same memories you would want to share with everyone, including future generations to come.


Your Wedding Day…

Every time you look at one of your photos, you are transported back to that exact moment. This is the same reason why wedding photography is so crazy important.


You will be insanely busy on your wedding day, and it’s often said that the whole day goes by in the blink of an eye! That’s where a wedding photographer comes in. A wedding photographer takes on the huge responsibility of capturing everything happening throughout your wedding day, thus allowing you to relax knowing every special moment will be captured for you.


We document all of these wonderful moments and capture them so you can revisit them over and over. Now, you may be thinking that your friends and guests will be there taking photos throughout the day, isn’t that good enough? Not at all! A wedding photographer will be looking out for special moments throughout the entire wedding, including when everyone is eating or going crazy on the dance floor!



The Nordic Center Flagstaff Wedding: The Location…

Looking for that perfect place for your Northern Arizona wedding? Move up from the ordinary to the extraordinary and host it among the aspens and pines of the Arizona Nordic Village. Whether you’re looking for a venue for a single day wedding occasion or an overnight party, Arizona Nordic Village provides a unique and special experience for all of your guests and a guaranteed good time.


The Arizona Nordic Village is an off-grid getaway. The Village is quiet and serene, surrounded by tall ponderosa pine and aspen trees. Our goal is to have as little impact as possible on the environment while also providing a comfortable and safe setting for campers and guests.


In the summer months of July through August you’ll find that the grass is green and the flowers are plenty. In the winter you’ll no doubt see a lot of snow. The monsoons bring your wedding good luck, and the sun brings warmth and smiles to all. Whether a butterfly in the summer or a wild turkey in the winter, you’ll be surrounded by friendly wildlife everywhere you go.



Special thanks to the amazing vendors…



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Words can not express how thankful and happy we are that we chose Monica to capture our perfect day. She made us feel both comfortable and confident in the whole process. She has this ease that makes you feel you’ve known her for years. Her kindness, personality, and professionalism was beyond what we could have hoped for. Her communication and organization was so impressive as well (I am far from organized)! Our photos are AMAZING, they are perfect. We wish we could do it all over again, and again. Seriously, book her right now! Best choice we could have made, and she helped make our day so wonderfully memorable and way less stressful.
Nora A.