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What sets Saaty Photography apart from other wedding photographers? Great question! It all boils down to planning together and eliminating stress. My clients don’t need to worry about what to wear, where to go, or what they should do with their hands. I’m here to provide them with versatile options.

• I gift my clients an engagement session because of how incredibly valuable it is to have time together before the wedding. Sure, you could just meet up for coffee and talk, but I’m talking about time together before the wedding where they get to see how I work, they get to experience how I pose, and they get to find out how FUN it really is to be in front of the camera. Some couples are really nervous leading up to the first session, but after they see the success of the engagement photos, it puts them at ease for the wedding day.

• I supply you with planning guides, templates, wedding day inspiration, and shot list questionnaires to solidify all the details prior to the wedding day. You shouldn’t have to make big decisions or act as your own event coordinator on your big day. You should be there – just enjoying it!

• I’ll assist you in creating a custom photography timeline for your wedding so you know exactly how your day will unfold.

• I ALWAYS scout my venues within a few days of the wedding. Understanding the light and utilizing it to compliment the wedding is one of a photographer’s most important jobs. Even if I have shot at a venue 10 times – there are always new opportunities to create compelling imagery on your wedding day!

• You will NEVER have to wait 6+ months for your collection. With all the planning, thoughtful touches, and love that is put into a wedding day – I can’t imagine not seeing the results for months. I promise quick turn-around times and easy methods to download, print, and share the memories.

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