Importance of Newborn Photography

Importance of Newborn Photography

Importance of Newborn Photography: Capture the Moment. Time moving forward is one of the few guarantees in life that we get. No matter what happens or how badly we might want time to slow down, it just keeps going. And arguably when we are living through major moments of our life, it seems to speed up even faster. This is especially true once those nine months are up and you finally bring your bundle of joy into the world. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, there is nothing better than that new baby smell. It’s the excitement of all of their first milestones and it’s easy to forget to take pictures. Especially among all of the ‘crazy’ that your life has become to document this stage of your lives.


Curl Family: Northern Arizona Newborn and Family Photographer Importance of Newborn Photography


This is where newborn photography comes in and why it is so important. Those first few months are crazy and just a whirlwind of emotion, as your are overcome with such an intense love for your child that just grows every day. But also immense exhaustion, as you adjust to new sleep schedules and get used to living your new adjusted life with a tiny human you need to take care of. Newborn photography is a great way to press the pause button during those crazy months. It’s a way to capture your beautiful child as they are, at the smallest they will ever be when they still have their whole lives ahead of them.



Capture the Moment

Children grow so fast and next thing you know they’ll be walking and off to their first day of school and then graduating and heading to college. And you’ll long to go back to these days when you could lay them down the length of your forearm and everything was still new. It’s a way to go and look back at those first moments and those first memories you made with your child.


These photographs are so precious as are the memories that you created in those moments with your child. But it also opens the gates to create more memories later in their lives as well when they are fascinated by the fact that they were once so small. Then you can pull out these beautiful pictures of them and tell them all of the stories about how you fell in love with them the moment you met them and about all of their milestones that made you proud parents.


Curl Family: Northern Arizona Newborn and Family Photographer


Once your baby is all grown up into the person, they are meant to be you can’t go back to the days when they were tiny. With newborn photography, those moments are frozen in time for you to revisit for years to come. For any time you look at your child all grown up and feel nostalgic over what used to be. In a time when you feel like your entire life got flipped on your head, let someone else take the reins for a little while and capture the love between you and your growing family so you can always have those moments to look back on!


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