How to Plan a Wedding in Flagstaff Arizona

How to Plan a Wedding in Flagstaff Arizona

Northern Arizona: How to Plan a Wedding in Flagstaff Arizona. Planning a wedding is an exciting milestone and one that should cause you joy (not stress)! And what better place to celebrate you and the love of your life than in the beautiful forest wonderland of Flagstaff? We have so many amazing local venues and vendors here in town that will make your big day a success. Not to mention, the spectacular views and weather you and your guests will get to experience. If you’ve chosen Flagstaff as the destination for your wedding, here are some insider tips and tricks to ease the planning process!


How to Plan a Wedding in Flagstaff Arizona Chapel of the Holy Dove


Develop a Game Plan for Your Big Day

The first essential step in planning is figuring out the look and feel you want for your wedding. You’ve already narrowed down a location, which is a great start! Given the weather here in Flagstaff, season will play a major factor in your planning process. If you’re set on a winter wedding, don’t forget to keep temperatures and snow in mind. You’ll want to have some warm clothing on hand and a place where your guests can get warm and cozy. Is a summer wedding what you’re looking for? Be sure to dress light and let your guests know, too! With the monsoon season, it can get a bit rainy in the summer as well. Use these considerations to guide your planning process. Determining the season for your wedding can also help you narrow down a date!


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How to Plan a Wedding in Flagstaff Arizona: Decisions on a Budget

As we all know, the cost of a wedding is an important thing to take into account. Developing a budget early on can help reduce stress and give you a better idea of what you’ll include in your planning process. A helpful tip is to determine an overall budget, then divide this total among each expense you’ll need to pay for. If you’re unsure, make a list of every cost for your wedding and determine how much you’re willing to spend on each. Now for the fun stuff!


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Get Your Wedding Party Onboard

Once you’ve nailed down a budget, think about who you’d like to choose as bridesmaids and groomsmen at your wedding, as well as your guest list. Thinking about your number of guests can help you narrow down a venue, which we’ll discuss in the next step! Your wedding party can also provide much-needed support in the planning process. These are the people you can lean on to help make your special day a memorable one. If you have friends or family that live in or know their way around Flagstaff, they can be a lifeline in helping you make decisions on everything from venues to vendors!


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Venture to Find Your Venue

Choosing a venue is a fun (and essential!) part of planning. This is where the vision you have for your wedding comes into play. If you’re having a winter wedding, indoor venues like Little America are a great option. You and your guests will stay cozy, while still being able to snap some beautiful outdoor photos. (The snowy Flagstaff forest is an AMAZING backdrop for your wedding photography!) Or if you’ve decided on a spring or summer wedding, Viola’s Flower Garden is a go-to for a stunning wedding venue. You’ll be surrounded by colorful, blooming flowers that will add an extra touch of class to your big day. This list lets you see all kinds of venues Flagstaff has to offer, view capacity and amenities, and request pricing!


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Vet Your Vendors

You’re so close! Booking vendors is the final major step in making your dream wedding a reality. Think about what kind of food, decorations, music, and other details you’d like to include. Flagstaff is home to some amazing caterers, designers, and DJs/musicians. Thornager’s, Main Street Catering, and 3’s in the Trees all know how to make food that looks and tastes delicious! Also consider other services like hair and makeup artists. Northern Arizona Glam Squad is a popular choice for makeup and will keep you looking stunning on your wedding day. Be sure to book your vendors well in advance, as we’re a small town and things fill up quickly! No matter what Flagstaff vendors or venue you chose, you’re going to have an unforgettable time in the pines!


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How to Plan a Wedding in Flagstaff Arizona

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