Steve and Eleonora: Grand Canyon Engagement and Proposal Photographer

Steve and Eleonora: Grand Canyon Engagement and Proposal Photographer

Grand Canyon Engagement and Proposal Photographer: Steve and Eleonora. It was such an honor to be able to capture Steve’s surprise proposal to Elenora at the Grand Canyon. Steve contacted me early in his planning process. You can tell he put some true thought into his special surprise. I loved being able to help him bring this dream to life!


Proposing to your love is an incredibly exciting step in a relationship, but it can sometimes be daunting because you want it to be absolutely perfect! Chances are, she has been thinking about getting engaged too and probably has a dream proposal in mind. This can cause a lot of pressure, but don’t worry! There are some sneaky ways that you can create her absolute dream engagement without spoiling the surprise…


Ask Friends or Parents

If you’re thinking of getting down on one knee, you might be thinking you want to ask for her parents blessing. A great way to get a head start with brainstorming the proposal is to also ask her parents if they’ve heard her talk about anything in particular in regard to a proposal. There is a good chance she may have mentioned some things to them! If not, ask her best friend. Her best friend also probably has a great idea of what she’d love to have her engagement look like in general and can give you some great tips.


Don’t Tell Your Secret

Part of what makes a proposal so incredibly meaningful and exciting is the surprise that goes into it. Talking to parents and close friends is okay, but the news can spread quick and sometimes, people can spill the beans without even meaning to. Some people are better at keeping secrets than others, so try to read people and be cautious of who you tell. So tell who you need to, make sure they promise not to tell anyone, and plan the whole thing with as few people as you can so that it stays a secret!


Hire a Photographer

Often, the proposal can be a whirlwind and having photos to freeze the moment in time is something that is incredibly important. Most people want to announce the big news, and your fiancée will be no different! So plan ahead! She will be overly excited not only to be engaged to you but to find out that professional photos of that amazing moment were captured and can be cherished forever. These photos will be so special and add to your love story in a truly lovely way. Plan with your photographer to keep them hidden in a discreet place or acting as a tourist if you’re in a public place so the surprise isn’t spoiled.



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Words can not express how thankful and happy we are that we chose Monica to capture our perfect day. She made us feel both comfortable and confident in the whole process. She has this ease that makes you feel you’ve known her for years. Her kindness, personality, and professionalism was beyond what we could have hoped for. Her communication and organization was so impressive as well (I am far from organized)! Our photos are AMAZING, they are perfect. We wish we could do it all over again, and again. Seriously, book her right now! Best choice we could have made, and she helped make our day so wonderfully memorable and way less stressful.
Nora A.