7 Tips for Preparing for Your Flagstaff Winter Portrait Session

7 Tips for Preparing for Your Flagstaff Winter Portrait Session

Your Dream Session: 7 Tips for Preparing for Your Flagstaff Winter Portrait Session. As a resident of Flagstaff, I know it can get absolutely FREEZING here in the winter months! But don’t let the cold weather scare you away! Having a session in the winter may not seem like the most enjoyable thing, but photos sure do look amazing and magical with a blanket of snow in the background! If you’ve booked a winter session or are thinking about booking one, here are my best tips for making the experience as comfortable as possible!


1. Bundle Up

This one may seem obvious, but it’s hard to tell how cold it actually is until you set foot outside! For your session, be sure to bring a coat with you, as well as shoes that are suitable for the snow. Accessories like scarves, gloves, and beanies will help keep you from getting cold, and they look cute in photos too! If you have an outfit in mind but aren’t sure if it’ll keep you sufficiently warm, consider laying up underneath to help insulate you. My rule of thumb is to put on an outfit and spend a few minutes outdoors. If you’re still warm and toasty at this point, you should be good to go for your session!


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2. Bring Extra Warmth

Although I love photographing in wintery Northern Arizona, the weather can certainly be unpredictable at times. It may be lightly snowing one minute, only for me to look out the window the next minute and see that this dusting of snow has transformed into a full-on blizzard! Since you never know what the weather might bring next, I suggest toting along some extra items to keep you warm. This could include a blanket or hand warmers – anything that could be a lifesaver if the weather gets iffy!


3. Get an Early Start

The colder it gets, the sooner it starts to get dark out! During the winter season, we get fewer hours of sunlight than during any other time of year. For this reason, I recommend scheduling your session in the morning or early afternoon. You won’t feel rushed to get all your photos taken before the sun goes down, and you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself!


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4. Know Your Location

If you’ve ever seen a Northern Arizona winter, you know how different everything looks when there’s a heavy blanket of snow on the ground. Some places look absolutely beautiful covered in snow and others, not so much. It’s helpful to scope out your location before your session to know what you’re working with and what your pictures will look like. If you can time it just right, the best time to take pictures is when there’s fresh snow. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your ideal location only to find out that it’s become a muddy puddle of slush!


5. Be Mindful of Children

Taking winter photos with young children can be difficult. They’re much more sensitive to cold and get uncomfortable more easily. A helpful tip to avoid this is to have your children eat a good meal before the session. Your body will stay warmer with fuel to keep it going. Scheduling a shorter session is also another solution!


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6. Make Time to Play in the Snow

What’s the fun of taking pictures in the snow if you can’t play in it too? Set aside extra time at end of your session to enjoy the winter weather. Playing in the snow is a great opportunity to get outside and get some exercise, all while enjoying quality time with loved ones. All the smiles and fun memories are SO worth it!


7. Flexibility Is Key

Stuff happens, especially when it comes to unpredictable winter weather! Sometimes sessions may get snowed out, or it’s simply too darn cold out to take photos. Don’t feel bad if things don’t go as planned or you have to reschedule. The last thing I would want is for you to feel uncomfortable during your session, so do what’s best for you!


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Flagstaff Winter Portrait Session: 7 Tips for Preparing

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