COVID-19 and Your Wedding: Consider Eloping Instead

COVID-19 and Your Wedding: Consider Eloping Instead

Consider Eloping Instead: COVID-19 and Your Wedding. Love isn’t canceled! Living in a time where a worldwide pandemic is happening is scary and unnerving and not to mention stressful for everyone involved. But perhaps, even more so when you’re engaged and trying to plan the perfect wedding. With venues closing and no definite timeline as to when things might be getting back to normal, the thought of planning your wedding right now might cause you some serious anxiety. Even when all you want to do is profess your love for your partner and be married. However, you’re in luck! I know that planning or executing the wedding you already had planned might be impossible right now. But you can still have a romantic ceremony that takes your breath away – just with a little modification.


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Eloping might not have been on your original radar because you were afraid you might offend some far off family member if you didn’t invite them to the ceremony. But now, you’re not sure when you can even have a big wedding in the near future eloping might be the perfect solution. At the end of the day, the most important thing about any wedding day is the love between you and your partner. And that’s really what elopements are all about. They are simple and cost effective solution to your special day with the main focus being on you and the ones you love.


Despite large group gatherings are pretty much effectively banned until further notice, you can still invite your closest family members. Adventure out with your partner to say your vows. Or, it can even just be you and your partner, your two witnesses, and your officiant. The decision is entirely up to you. But in a time when family feels more important than ever, it would be a nice way for you guys to still all be able to celebrate together (from safe distances, of course).


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Planning Your Intimate Day:

However, if you elope you still might feel bad for leaving people out of the elopement ceremony. While you can have your elopement ceremony now you can plan on having a reception at a later date. Cnce groups are allowed to safely and legally gather again, you can celebrate with all of those friends and family members that you were thinking of inviting anyways. Even if they don’t get to see you exchange your vows, they can still dance the night away and celebrate with your later. This way to party doesn’t have to be fit all into one day. It gives you something else to still look forward to at the end of all of this, but with a lot less stress!


Elopements provide a sense of intimacy and adventure that you might not otherwise find on a busy wedding day. It’s a lot easier to have a small elopement ceremony in a cliff overlooking Oak Creek Canyon than it is to try and get 100 guests out there. In a dark and scary time this can provide a bright spot of happiness for you and your partner to get out of the house and all dressed up for a reason. It’s a great way to make a wonderful memory during an otherwise not so wonderful time.


COVID-19 and Your Wedding: Consider Eloping Instead. With this being an already stressful time both financially and mentally, there is no reason to add stress onto your plate by trying to plan a wedding in an uncertain future. But, it doesn’t mean you have to wait to be married. Elopements are a great way to take a moment to focus on you and your relationship and the things that matter the most to you. All while still being able to celebrate with everyone else once things start to get back to normal! I’m here to help you plan your perfect elopement day and celebrate your love together!


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