Choosing the Best Way to Display Photographs in Your Home

Choosing the Best Way to Display Photographs in Your Home


Saaty Photography: Choosing the Best Way to Display Photographs in Your Home. There is nothing like getting those pictures back after a great photoshoot and heading out to get them printed. Coming back home with the prints in hand a couple of frames under your arm is the moment we probably all look forward to after a good photoshoot. However, figuring out exactly how to hang them and where, along with what frames might look good, what printing methods to choose, and even what sizes will look right, can be quite overwhelming.


Here are some tips that I have found to be helpful in my photo-displaying experience.



How do I begin?


Choose your style and make a plan! It can be good to know what type of vibe you are going for with your photos. It’s good to match the style of your home, especially in the area the photos will be. This will also inform which photos you choose to print. When I hang photos I like to choose the more dramatic ones, showcasing the landscape of the shoot along with the subjects. This seems more artistic to me and matches my current home style, but going with cute bright closeup photos that promote a more light family feel is always great too!


It is also a good idea to decide early on if you want to go with a traditional frame look, do some type of DIY hanging photos structure, or possibly purchase some more untraditional frame options.


Choosing the Best Way to Display Photographs in Your Home


Are there alternate options to traditional framing?


Using traditional frames can be a really great and simple look for any home. However, if you are starting to get tired of that look, there are some ways to branch out from that style as well. Hanging photos on strings with clips down a wall has become a new fun style for those who love a good DIY project. There are also some fun new displaying options on amazon currently. My favorites are wood displays with clips for photos and these acrylic desk display frames.


I also just discovered a new website where you can actually submit your photo and they will send you a paint by number canvas! This would be a great family project to complete and display together or a fun way to showcase your artistic skill with a photo you absolutely love.


Choosing the Best Way to Display Photographs in Your Home


How do I pick the photos and their sizes?


For choosing photos, I would say choose those that make you smile when you see them. You are going to be looking at these a lot. Remember that you may not be able to hang all of your favorites, depending on the space you have to hang them, but you can share as many as you want on social media, so go at it there also!


There may be limited sizing wherever you choose to print your photos, but it is still often super overwhelming to choose even between just a few options. One rule of thumb is to either go with a few large pictures that are all the same size, or maybe 5-6 that are all different sizes.  If you go with different sizes, you may want to consider printing photos that are closer up smaller and photos that are further away a bit larger so that you can still see all the details and the adorable smiles of you and your people!



I want to go with a traditional frame look, how do I arrange them?


Arranging the photos can be one of the most frustrating part of hanging photos and can dampen the excitement at times, especially if there is no designated “please-just-hold-this-up-to-the-wall-for-one-second” person around.  I am a huge believer in planning ahead for situations like this, so I will usually decide on the format even before I think about ordering some prints. Pinterest is a great place to look for photo diagrams like the one below. Or, if none of those look like your jam, you can always get out the craft box and cut out some construction paper of the print sizes you like and go to town taping those up to your wall and place holders.



Choosing the Best Way to Display Photographs in Your Home

You are now extra-prepared to display the beautiful snapshots from your next photo shoot. If you are looking to do a little decor remodel in your home soon, we would love to be one part in that process as well!



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