Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography

Saaty Photography_Best Engagement Poses

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography. Getting engaged to the love of your life is such an exciting time, and it is the perfect opportunity to have portraits taken that will capture your love in memories that will be cherished for the rest of your lives. Engagement photos are a unique and fun chance to test the waters when it comes to your wedding photographer. During engagement photos, you can get to know your photographer, their style, and learn some of the poses they will have you do on your wedding day. That way, during your wedding, you’ll have it down! Most of us aren’t born feeling naturally comfortable around a camera and chances are if you’ve had photos taken, you’ve felt the confusion of suddenly forgetting what to do with your hands!


There’s no question in my mind why modeling is a career that takes incredible skill! They make it look so easy, it’s true. Getting photos taken can be awkward at times and suddenly have no idea how to smile and relax. Comfort in front of the camera takes some time; so don’t put too much pressure on being perfect right away. The good news is, awkwardness can create some beautiful laughing shots, so don’t worry if you aren’t feeling relaxed right away. More good news? I’ve got some poses up my sleeve to help lead you and your fiancée toward photos that make it look like you’re an absolute pro! Here are some go-to poses that can help you rock your engagement session and maybe even make you realize you totally can be Americas next top model!



Struggle Cuddle / Chokehold

Aggressive? Try adorable!

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography


Piggyback Ride

Okay, so you’re not kids anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a piggyback ride!

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography


Head to Head, Hearts Center

This is an intimate, meaningful pose sure to make some emotions rise up. Don’t worry, that’s what tissues are for.

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography


Dance / Spin

What better way to practice your first dance than to do it while getting your engagement photos taken? Two love birds, one stone (Get it? The ring!)

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography


Pull in Close

The difference between standing close to begin with and drawing each other in is the power of motion. Movement is much more natural and relaxed than just standing in the pose!

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography


Forehead Kisses

This is one of the sweetest shots there is and it just shows how much love is between you both.

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography


The Walking Shot

This one can feel a little funny (remember, awkward makes some genuine laughs!) but it looks so good! Trust me!

Best Engagement Photography Poses: Saaty Photography


Showcase the Ring

The money, time, and thought that went into it are enough to make it deserving of it’s own photo in the spotlight! But let’s be real it’s so gorgeous it NEEDS to be shown off!

Arizona Portrait Photographer


Hand Kisses

This is an adorable shot to show affection for each other… and another way to get that amazing ring in there, of course!

Arizona Portrait Photographer


Moments Before the Kiss

Kissing shots are a must of course, but that pause right before says SO much.

Arizona Portrait Photographer



Hopefully these ten engagement poses have sparked some creativity and excitement for your engagement shoot. If you need more inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to look to gather great ideas. You’ll be naturals before you know it!


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