5 Best Sedona Hikes


Saaty Photography: 5 Best Sedona Hikes. Sedona is one of the prettiest and most unique places in Arizona. People from all over the globe have come to soak in the sun, admire the red rocks, and hike. Sedona is not only famous for its stunning landscapes; it has some of the best hiking trails with views that cannot be seen anywhere else in AZ.  The Sedona trails offer numerous hiking paths, able to accommodate any hiker. There are easy, family-friendly paths around massive buttes or along the base of cliff walls. More challenging routes will take you high above the town and courses along ridges with lookouts that stretch for miles.



Cathedral Rock catches the eye of many hikers before they begin their trek. This trail brings fantastic views of Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, the Mogollon Rim, and once you reach the saddle, views begin to open up. On the highest point of Cathedral Rock, it is also home to a famous energy vortex, located on the saddle. Don’t be shocked if you witness people doing yoga, meditating, or something spiritual in these areas. The trail ascends the east side of Cathedral Rock. It is a pretty flat walking trail, up the rocks, and crosses the Templeton Trail. There are some steep parts, but nothing too daunting. Some people will need to use their hands as well as their feet.

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Have you ever wondered what would be like to walk on top of a giant mesa? Once you ascend Doe Mountain Trail entirely, you’ll be able to do just that! This trail is a steady and gradual hike that takes you right to the top of Doe Mountain. Up there, the path is level and runs from one end of the mesa to the other. Doe Mountain is a very popular hike. It’s easy to find your own space to sit in silence and let your eyes wander over the stunning landscape. Some of the highlights on this trail are Mescal Mountain, Courthouse Butte, Fay Canyon, and Bear Mountain.

Top 5 Sedona Hikes



Fay Canyon leads you right into the heart of the red rocks, one of the prettiest places in Sedona. The trail passes through areas with many trees that provide shade for the majority of the way in the spring and summer.

Top 5 Sedona Hikes



Last but not least, in Sedona is the Devil’s Bridge Trail, which any level hiker can do. The destination is definitely worth the 4.2-mile journey out and back. The trail is bustling with Jeeps, ATV’s, mountain bikes, and many other hikers. The first part of the path is wide and comfortable, while the back half of the trail is more narrow and steep because you are climbing towards the arch. Once you reach the arch, you can walk below it, take the stairs up and walk to the top of it.

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Known for everything from its signature red rocks to the old Western movies shot there, Sedona has truly stunning views and a rich history. It’s the perfect place to relax and get some much-needed sunlight. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, a history buff, or just looking for a picturesque weekend escape, you’re sure to fall in love with this little town just as much as I have! See you on the trails!

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