5 Apps Every Photographer Needs

5 Apps Every Photographer Needs Today!


5 Apps Every Photographer Needs. In the past, photographers could not use the simple device on their phone to benefit their photographic work. As Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more social media platforms work to engage with our target audience and share our work, there are some other handy apps that every photographer should look into using.


5 Apps Every Photographer Needs


  1. Hyperfocal DOF


Hyperfocal distance is a great concept for photographers to know, but can be a bit difficult to calculate on your own. The Hyperfocal DOF app does all the hard calculating work for you. It allows you to select the camera you’re using, put in your focal length and aperture used, then click “Calculate Hyperfocal” and wait! It only takes seconds until the app gives you the closest distance your lens can be focused while every little detail is kept sharp. Apps like Hyperfocal DOF saves a lot of time for when you have a busy day full of photoshoots! For more information on this app, click here!


  1. Magic Hour


For us photographers that love to photograph during golden hour, this app will definitely be a great benefit! The Magic Hour app will tell you when and how long golden hour will be in your current location. It also gives you information about the weather in your location and the times of sunrise and sunset. If you choose to use the notification function, you’ll be notified before magic hour starts! For more information on this app, click here!


Saaty Photography - 5 Apps Every Photographer Needs


  1. Dark Skies


If you love to photograph clear star formations in the night sky, this app is for you. The app lets you select the camera you’ll be using, put in the focal length of your lens, and then the app will determine how long of an exposure you can use. Dark Skies is great when you are trying to avoid long star trails. Happy star capturing! For more information on this app, click here! 


  1. Pocket Light Meter


This app is a favorite amongst many photographers. Pocket Light Meter allows you to click on an object on the screen and the app will adjust to the light. This is a quick and easy tool to help with capturing photographs with the right lighting. For more information on this app, click here!


  1. Sun Seeker


The Sun Seeker app is a solar tracker that give you information about the sun’s hourly direction, sunrise and sunset times, sun shadows, and much more. This is a great app when planning photoshoots during the day so you’re about to photograph your subject without any harsh lighting. For more information on this app, click here!


5 Apps Every Photographer Needs

I believe educators should aid students in becoming life-long learners, where they are taught how to utilize resources and research strategies to facilitate problem solving. One of my favorite ways to teach is by utilizing technology in hands-on learning environments. The following resources are ones I have shared with my students at Northern Arizona University. They are great for both professional and hobby photographers alike. Happy shooting!


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