10 Best Day Trips from Sedona

10 Best Day Trips from Sedona

Saaty Photography: 10 Best Day Trips from Sedona. Saaty Photography: The 10 Best Day Trips from Sedona. It is no mystery why Sedona, Arizona is a popular spot for Arizonans and people all over the world to visit. Sedona, a city in Northern Arizona just 120 miles north of Phoenix, has so much to offer from beautiful views to outdoor adventures to incredible shops and restaurants. During your visit to Sedona, there are a lot of great opportunities for day trips. Here are some of my favorites that I always recommend to clients, friends, and family!



Aside from being one of the most popular National Parks  in Arizona, this is also one of the most popular in the country. It is an easily accessible to you! So often, you’ll hear people talk about the Grand Canyon and say that “pictures can’t do it justice”. And you know what? It’s true! Visiting the Grand Canyon truly makes an impression on you – one that can’t simply be translated into a photograph. The geologic features, changing vegetation, and rich colors are something you have to be within to experience. Grand Canyon National Park encompasses canyons, river tributaries, and surrounding grounds. With millions of visitors making the trip to the canyon each year, this park is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It’s a must see!

10 Best Day Trips From Flagstaff: Saaty Photography



Usually when people think of Arizona, they imagine the entire state covered in desert. However, nestled in Northern Arizona at 7000 feet in elevation is Flagstaff. There are many reasons I decided to make this little mountain town my forever home. From the refreshing winter chill to sunny summer weather, Flagstaff maintains its signature beauty all year long! With the change of each season, the Flagstaff landscape transforms. I love watching snow covering the ground in winter, the flowers blooming in spring and summer, and the leaves falling in autumn. All four seasons offer visitors a unique and exciting Flagstaff experience that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Northern Arizona Travel Ideas 10 Best Day Trips from Sedona



Located in Verde Valley, the center of Arizona, Cottonwood is a charming small town situated below the high country chill and above the desert heat. Surrounded by the Mogollon Rim in the northeast and the stunning red rocks of Sedona in the west, the town’s low elevation and mild climate make it an idyllic destination year-round. Cottonwood is also nestled in a flourishing Arizona wine region. Wine lovers know about the Verde Valley wine trail and flock here to support local Arizona vineyards!

Northern Arizona Travel Ideas 10 Best Day Trips from Sedona



This former mountain mining community earned the nickname “The Wickedest Town in the West” during its heyday, when rich copper ore deposits attracted miners, merchants, madams and more to Yavapai County. More than a century later, Jerome‘s rough-and-tumble spirit has been tempered but not completely tamed, which helped the town narrowly escape a fate that befell many others that fell to ruin after their linchpin mines closed. Today, Jerome is known for being a hillside destination for visitors eager to discover more about the Verde Valley’s mines, wines, fine arts and spectral spirits.

Northern Arizona Travel Ideas 10 Best Day Trips from Sedona



Horseshoe Bend is another popular tourist location – in a similar sense to the Grand Canyon. This is a great location for the early evenings since the sunset will show just over the horizon and create a beautiful glowing landscape as well as glowing light. If you’re in search of an incredible natural vista, then Horseshoe Bend is definitely worth a visit. The name was inspired by its unusual shape, a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River. What’s in the realm of absolute certainty is that this is one of the most intimate views of the Colorado River you’re likely to experience on your Northern Arizona vacation. At this viewpoint, you can see the waters of the Colorado River in all their sparkling, blue-green glory as they drift along toward the Grand Canyon.

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Not all scenic drives involve long, jouncy trips on remote dirt roads. Case in point: Forest Road 545, the loop road that connects Wupatki and Sunset Crater Volcano national monuments, meanders 36 paved miles through the high-desert plains and volcanic fields northeast of Flagstaff. The landscape varies dramatically, from flat, sparsely vegetated and rather austere vistas along the first few miles to colorful cinder cones flanked by tall ponderosa pines at the southern end. You also can explore fascinating Indian ruins, some a short drive off the main road, while pondering the people who lived here so long ago.

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Whether you love hiking through large stands of ponderosa pines or appreciate historic places, Prescott offers things to do and places to see for everyone. Mild seasons make it an appealing destination year-round. Prescott is the perfect place for a historic home tour or bed & breakfast getaway. A mile-high city, Prescott is nestled in the Ponderosa Pines of Prescott National Forest. Fill your lungs with that amazing pine scent as you enjoy Prescott’s natural surroundings, including more than 400 miles of hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails. This area is full of wonderful shops, restaurants, and outdoor places to recreate. We love being here and exploring in the morning or early evenings since the golden hours will lighten up the town.

Northern Arizona Travel Ideas 10 Best Day Trips from Sedona



The Lees Ferry is an amazing place to recreate. Lees Ferry is the only place within Glen Canyon where visitors can drive to the Colorado River in over 700 miles of canyon country, right up to the first rapid in the Grand Canyon. A natural corridor between Utah and Arizona, Lees Ferry figured prominently in the exploration and settlement of northern Arizona. Lees Ferry is now a meeting of the old and the new.

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Parks are such a peaceful and remote feeling location. It is perfect for those who want to feel like the only ones in the world while here. There are old barns, lakes for fishing, trees to hang your hammock, and beautiful wide open landscapes. We love camping out here in the summer.

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The opportunities to explore are endless in Northern Arizona! Contact Saaty Photography to capture precious memories during your visit to Sedona!

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